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Jim Brown


Jim Brown is the founder and President of independent research firm Tech-Clarity. Jim is a recognized expert in software solutions for manufacturers, with over 20 years of experience in application software, management consulting, and research. He has broad knowledge on the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), ERP, compliance, quality, service management, and other enterprise applications to improve business performance.

Mr. Brown is an experienced author and public speaker, publishes his own Tech-Clarity TV vcast, serves as a host of the “dueling analysts” Tech4PD web show, and enjoys the opportunity to participate in conferences and anywhere he can engage with people with a passion to improve business performance through software technology.

Carl Smith

Manufacturing Solutions Manager
IMAGINiT Technologies

Carl's analytical abilities and problem-solving expertise have made him a key member of many successful teams, particularly in the manufacturing and electro-mechanical engineering industries. Working as lead consultant, project manager and head trainer, Carl has in-depth knowledge of Autodesk products and their application in manufacturing plants across the U.S.

He has extensive experience performing every aspect of a project, from the needs-analysis to software implementation and training. He has particular insight into diagnosing manufacturing workflows to achieve significant process improvement.

Carl possesses a complete command of the digital prototyping process and all the technology tools including Finite Eliminate Analysis, CNC, visualization tools, and document management.

Before Carl moved into Professional Services, his roles included sales support where he managed IMAGINiT's team of training consultants throughout the U.S. East Coast.